Licensure by Endorsement | North Carolina Board of Nursing (2023)

Licensure by Endorsement

The initial application for Licensure by Endorsement, and the Criminal Background Check will be held active for one (1) year. If the application process is not completed within one year, you will be responsible for repayment of fees.

If you have declared another compact state as your primary state of residence and plan to change your primary state of residence to North Carolina, you may continue to practice nursing under your current compact state license while working on obtaining your North Carolina nursing license, provided that license remains active and multistate. You will not be issued a North Carolina license until you declare North Carolina or a non-compact state as your primary state of residence. Once you declare North Carolina as your primary state of residence, you must immediately change your address via your Nurse Gateway portal.

A nurse will need to apply for a license by endorsement in the new residency state immediately upon moving. They can only practice under the former multistate license until issued a new multistate license from the new home state, which replaces the former license.

An active North Carolina license cannot be issued when another Compact State is declared as the primary state of residence.

You will need the following to apply:

  1. Name, location and year of graduation of your basic school of nursing.
  2. State, year and license number of original license by examination.
  3. State of current license and license number.
  4. Dates of employment and position(s) held for last two (2) nursing employers.
  5. All U.S. Member Boards in which you have EVER been licensed.
  6. Social Security number issued by U.S. Social Security Administration.
  7. Verification from original state of license and, if different, last state practiced.
  8. Criminal Background Check conducted by the North Carolina Board of Nursing.

How to submit...

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  1. Access the Nurse Gateway to complete the Endorsement application.
  2. Create a Username and Password to access your information and applications. If you have already created a Username and Password, you will only need to log in to your profile.
  3. Select 'Endorsement Application' in the Applications dropdown menu.
  4. Complete application.

Fee Information: $150.00


Valid Forms of Payment

  • Credit or Debit Card; MasterCard or Visa only

Active-duty military and/or their spouse may be eligible for an Endorsement application credit and/or waiver of application fee. Request for credit must be submitted within 90 days of the credit/debit card payment for active-duty military applicants. For active-duty spouses, the proof of eligibility document must be received before the license can be issued. Applicants must submit a copy of one of the following documents as evidence of eligibility:

  • DEERS Enrollment Form
  • PCS orders bearing the name of the applicant
  • Dependent ID Card

Evidence should be emailed to:

Only active-duty military and/or their spouse are eligible for the credit.

North Carolina Session Law 2020-87 added provisions to§ 93B-15.1regarding expedited occupational licensure for military-trained and military spouse endorsement applicants.

Determine your eligibility to seek licensure in North Carolina

To determine if you are eligible to endorse your nursing license to North Carolina, you must show evidence of:

  • For Registered Nurses (RN), completion of a program of nursing education which was approved by the jurisdiction of original licensure.
  • For Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), completion of a program in practical nursing approved by the jurisdiction of original licensure; or course of study within a program shall be comparable to that required of practical nurse graduates in North Carolina, combined with the successful completion of said program.
  • Successful completion of NCLEX or SBTPE.
  • Active license held in another jurisdiction within the past 5 years. If the license has been inactive or lapsed for five or more years, applicant must complete a Board Approved Refresher Course.
  • Unencumbered license in all jurisdictions in which a license is or has ever been held, including any occupational licensing board.
  • Completion of all court conditions resulting from any misdemeanor or felony convictions.
  • Written explanation and all related documents if the nurse has been (1) disciplined in any state in which the nurse has been licensed, and/or (2)listed as a Nurse Aide with finding(s).
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You may be eligible for a non-renewable Temporary License which permits employment as a licensed nurse in North Carolina while the application is in process. A Temporary License can only be issued within the first six (6) months of submitting the endorsement application. It is valid for up to six (6) months, or until the permanentlicense has been issued (whichever comes first).

Prior to the issuance of a Temporary License, the Criminal Background Check hard-copy fingerprints, forms and fee must be received in the Board office for Out-of-State applicants. If you are a resident of North Carolina, the Live Scan Application must be submitted online and the Criminal Background Check results received, or hard-copy card of the fingerprints submitted prior to being reviewed for a temporary license. Temporary Licenses can typically be issued within 2-3 weeks of the application submission date.

Temporary licenses can only be issued once per lifetime and cannot be renewed or extended for any reason. An applicant must have a valid North Carolina or non-compact state primary address on file in their Nurse Gateway portal and must not hold an active multistate license in another compact state. An active single state license is required at the time of issuance of the temporary license.

NURSYS: Most states participate in the online verification database. Visit NURSYS and select "Request Verification" located in the green box on their home page.

  • Search for your license
  • Select license to be verified
  • Choose North Carolina (NC) as the state to receive the verification on step #2
  • Complete payment process and print receipt

The fee to verify a license(s) is $30.00 per license type for each state being endorsed into.

NON-NURSYS: If your original and/or current state of licensure does not participate in NURSYS (CA-PN, MI, PA, Canada, other countries), please contact your nursing board to request the verification be sent directly to the NC Board of Nursing.

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In accordance with the Nursing Practice Act, all candidates applying for Licensure by Endorsement are required to undergo a fingerprint-based State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal history check.

The Board of Nursing may deny an applicant on the basis of a conviction of a crime only if the board finds that the applicant's criminal conviction history is directly related to the duties and responsibilities for the licensed occupation or the conviction is for a crime that is violent or sexual in nature. The Board of Nursing must specifically consider the following factors by law when denying an applicant for licensure due to a criminal conviction:

  1. The level and seriousness of the crime.
  2. The date of the crime.
  3. The age of the person at the time of the crime.
  4. The circumstances surrounding the commission of the crime, if known.
  5. The nexus between the criminal conduct and the prospective duties of the applicant as a licensee.
  6. The prison, jail, probation, parole, rehabilitation, and employment records of the applicant since the date the crime was committed.
    1. The completion of, or active participation in, rehabilitative drug or alcohol treatment.
    2. A Certificate of Relief granted pursuant to G.S. 15A-173.2.
  7. The subsequent commission of a crime by the applicant.
  8. Any affidavits or other written documents, including character references.

Applicant’s denied licensure in whole or in part because of a criminal conviction have the right to appeal the decision of the Board within 30 days after receipt of the Board’s decision to the superior court located in the county where the applicant resides or where the Board is located pursuant to NC. Gen. Stat §90-171.37B(a) and §150B-43 et al .

In order to complete the criminal history check, please follow these instructions:

All applicants must provide their fingerprints and the appropriateforms and fee to facilitate aCriminal Background Check prior to the issuance of a license.

Within North Carolina:

If you live within North Carolina, complete the Live Scan application and follow instructions to have your digital fingerprints electronically transmitted to the SBI/FBI. Most North Carolina Sheriff offices will provide this service.

Outside of North Carolina:

If you reside in another state or country, a fingerprint card will need to be mailed in. Please check your confirmation page for current instructions on how to complete this process. Fingerprinting must be performed by authorized fingerprinting personnel. Contact your local fingerprinting agency for assistance and additional details.

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Upon submission of your application, you will receive a confirmation page which serves as your official receipt. Additionally, the application confirmation page will be available in your Nurse Gateway portal. Please note: The application process is not complete until licensure verification(s) and fingerprints/criminal background check are received and processed.

You can always check the status of your application viaNurse Gateway . Licensure information can be verified on the Board's website. The Board of Nursing’s electronic database serves as the primary source of licensure information for nurses in North Carolina.

Additional Documents

  • Verification of Nurse Licensure (Part II)
  • Verification of Current Status (Part III)

Nurse Gateway

U.S. Military Graduate Requirements

The North Carolina Board of Nursing supports military personnel and veterans experiencing career transitions.Currently, the graduates of three military practical nursing programs meet North Carolina educational requirements for endorsement as Licensed Practical Nurse.

  1. Army Practical Nursing (68WM6)
  2. Army MOS 68C Practical Nursing
  3. Air Force Practical Nursing Technology Associate Degree (7GAL)

These three programs are the only military nursing education programs that currently meet both the academic and practicum criteria required by the North Carolina Nursing Practice Act and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) education standards.


Graduates of all other U.S. Military Programs who have been licensed by examination in another jurisdiction should email Endorsement using the Contact Us Form for specific requirements.

Graduates of all other U.S. Military Programs that have not passed NCLEX may be eligible to list as a Nurse Aide II.


How do I endorse my nursing license to South Carolina? ›

The Process
  1. Complete and submit an application for Licensure by Endorsement (online or mail it in)
  2. Pay the associated fees.
  3. Submit completed and notarized Affidavit of Eligibility form (mail in or attach it to the online application)
  4. Recent 2”x2”, full-faced passport type photo, signed and dated on the front.

How long does it take to get nursing license by endorsement North Carolina? ›

Temporary Licenses can typically be issued within 2-3 weeks of the application submission date.

What state is the easiest to endorse RN? ›

What Are the Fastest States to Get Nursing Licenses In?
  • Texas.
  • Vermont.
  • California.
  • Colorado.
  • New Jersey.
  • New York.
  • Tennessee.
  • Need help navigating any of the state processes in preparation to work as a travel nurse? Let us give you a hand!
25 Mar 2020

How many times can you fail the NCLEX in North Carolina? ›

North Carolina Board of Nursing does not restrict the number of times a candidate can test for NCLEX Registered Nurse or Practical Nurse.

How long does it take to get your license after Nclex in NC? ›

Licensure will usually post within 5 business days unless all Criminal Background Check requirements have not been fulfilled, if unsuccessful re-examination packets will be provided to candidates within 30 calendar days.

Is North Carolina nursing license compact? ›

Yes. Nurses who practice nursing in North Carolina but live in a Non-Compact State must continue to hold a license issued by the North Carolina Board of Nursing. The Nurse Licensure Compact will not change how they obtain/renew their North Carolina license.

How many times can an applicant re take the national Licensure exam in NC? ›

Lifetime limit – candidates will be able to take the examination a maximum of six (6) times.

What state is the hardest to get a nursing license? ›

Whether you're a first-time travel nurse or a seasoned veteran, the matter of obtaining licensure in a new state you'd like to work in is always a hurdle.
5 States that Take Longest to Get an RN License In
  1. Ohio (4-6 months) ...
  2. 2. California (3-6 months) ...
  3. Maryland (10 weeks) ...
  4. Maine (8-10 weeks) ...
  5. Alaska (8 weeks)
4 Oct 2018

What is the fastest nursing license to get? ›

Easiest states to become a nurse – Length of licensing process
  • Maine: 1-2 weeks.
  • Maryland: 2-3 days.
  • Missouri: 2 weeks.
  • Nevada: 1-2 weeks.
  • North Carolina: 1-2 weeks.
  • North Dakota: 1-2 weeks.
  • Texas: 2 weeks.
  • Vermont: 3-5 business days.

What states treat their nurses the best? ›

The darkest states include California, Washington, New York, Texas, and Arizona. The highest states include Mississippi, Louisiana, Vermont, Maine, Idaho, and Montana.
The Complete Ranking of the Best States to Work as a Nurse.
RankState Name
3New York
34 more rows

What happens if I fail NCLEX 3 times? ›

If they fail, they'll need to wait 45 days before retesting. After failing three times, though, they'll need to complete a board-approved remediation program before the next retake. Candidates have six attempts to pass in total.

What percentage of correct answers do you need to pass NCLEX? ›

The NCLEX is scored using dichotomous scoring, so you can either pass or fail the exam. Currently, to pass the NCLEX-RN, the standard is 0.00 logits–or answer questions correctly at least 50% of the time.

What state is the easiest to take NCLEX? ›

If you are looking for the best state for NCLEX or easiest state to pass NCLEX, here are the top 5:
  • #1 Connecticut. ...
  • #2 Montana. ...
  • #3 New York. ...
  • #4 Northern Mariana Islands. ...
  • #5 South Dakota.
20 Jan 2022

How do I know if I passed my NCLEX? ›

Official results are ONLY available through your NRB and will be sent to you approximately six weeks after the exam. Do NOT call NCSBN, Pearson VUE NCLEX Candidate Services or the test center for results.

How do I know if I failed the NCLEX? ›

If you fail the NCLEX, you will be notified by your state Board of Nursing and receive instructions on how to proceed. If you do not receive written notification within six weeks, contact your state Board of Nursing.

Can you get NCLEX results in 24 hours? ›

The NCLEX Quick Results are computer generated and available approximately forty-eight hours business hours after testing. Although results are not generated on non-business days, you may access them on any day after the first two business days.

How do I get a North Carolina nursing license? ›

This process requires the following:
  1. A completed online application.
  2. A criminal background check. ...
  3. Proof of successfully completing a licensed nursing program.
  4. Proof of passing the NCLEX.
  5. Documentation of having met the continuing education requirements.
  6. A license endorsement fee of $150.00.

Does North Carolina need nurses? ›

North Carolina, as well as the rest of the nation, is facing a nursing shortage crisis. By 2033, North Carolina faces an estimated shortage of nearly 12,500 registered nurses. This scarcity will challenge the ability of our health care systems to provide the proactive and personalized care that every patient deserves.

How much is a RN license in NC? ›

Registered Nurse (RN) in North Carolina

Education: Completion of a board approved registered nurse education program. Fees: $75 Licensure by Examination, or. $150 Licensure by Endorsement.

What happens if I fail the NCE exam? ›

Retest Policy

If you fail the exam, you will have to wait at least three months from the test date before you can retest. The actual retest date will depend on the monthly testing schedule and site availability. You will need to send a new registration form and examination fee based upon your state.

How soon can you register for NCLEX after failing? ›

NCLEX Retake Policy

The 45-day waiting period applies to any additional attempts; the applicant must wait a full 45 days from the date of their last attempt. You are required to register for your NCLEX test and pay to take the test again if you fail the first time.

How long is NC nursing license good for? ›

The North Carolina Board of Nursing must verify that you have met all the conditions for renewal before your license is renewed. Licenses are valid for two (2) years. Licensees are only to submit evidence of continuing competence if specifically notified by the Board.

What state do RN get paid the most? ›

California tops our list of the highest-paying states, where registered nurses make $124,000 per year on average. Following it is Hawaii, at $106,530, and Oregon at $98,6300.

Which states have the happiest nurses? ›

Best States for Nurses Satisfaction and Happiness
  • Minnesota (Quality of life ranking #2, Hospital rating by nurses 86%)
  • Wisconsin (Quality of life ranking #3, Hospital rating by nurses 88%)
  • Oregon (Quality of life ranking #18, Hospital rating by nurses inconclusive)
15 Feb 2022

What state needs RN the most? ›

Which states have the highest need for nurses?
  • California (274,650)
  • Texas (207,810)
  • New York (180,730)
  • Florida (174,710)
  • Pennsylvania (139,480)

What is the shortest program to become a nurse? ›

ADN and Related Programs

The way to become an RN with the lowest level of education is to go through an associate's degree in nursing, or ADN program. Most ADN programs are two years long and held at community colleges.

How can a nurse get faster? ›

If you're itching to enter the field, the fastest way to become a nurse would be taking the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) route. While you wouldn't actually be an RN, you could complete a Practical Nursing program and be well on your way to launching a nursing career in as few as 12 months.

What is the shortest time to become a nurse? ›

If you are aiming towards becoming a registered nurse, an associate degree in nursing (ADN) is one of the fastest paths to get there. This undergraduate degree is the minimum educational requirement for becoming a registered nurse and usually takes two to three years depending on the credits.

Where do the happiest nurses work? ›

But found that nurse educators, home health nurses, nurse managers, OR-perioperative nurses, and pediatric nurses reported the highest levels of job satisfaction.

Which country is best to work as a nurse? ›

Top Countries for Nurses to Work and Live in 2022
  • For nurses in the UK, life is good once you reach higher levels. ...
  • The average pay for a Registered Nurse (RN) in Dubai is AED 83,399 per year (US$ 24,000 Approx). ...
  • Nursing in Ireland provides plenty of opportunity and variety for your nursing career.

What city pays nurses the most? ›

The San Jose — Sunnyvale — Santa Clara, California, metro area pays RNs the highest-average salary in the United States. According to BLS data, RNs in San Jose — Sunnyvale — Santa Clara metro area make $155,230 annually, which is $72,480 higher than the national average.

Can you pass NCLEX with 145 questions? ›

Does 145 questions on NCLEX mean you failed? No, if you answer all 145 questions on the NCLEX, that does not mean you fail. In fact, if you answered 145 questions and each question was progressively more challenging, then that is a good sign that you passed.

How many times can you take the NCLEX in South Carolina? ›

An applicant who does not pass the licensure examination on the first attempt may retake the examination once every forty-five days for up to one year from the first attempt. You may not take more frequently.

What to do if I cant pass NCLEX? ›

NCLEX-RN candidates can fail the NCLEX and retest up to eight times each year in most states. Some states limit the number of times a candidate may retest before a refresher course is required. If you failed the NCLEX, it is best to contact your state Board of Nursing to verify guidelines for repeat testing.

How many questions can you miss on the NCLEX? ›

While it's possible to pass the NCLEX after answering all 145, it's also possible to pass the test with a minimum of 60 questions or any number in between. Keep in mind NCLEX has a time limit of five hours. If you haven't answered enough questions correctly when the clock runs out, you will fail the test.

How many questions out of 75 do you have to get right to pass NCLEX? ›

Many people take the NCLEX after prepping with ATI, but pass the NCLEX with 75 questions. The “passing rate” on NCLEX is adaptive, but many state that if you pass at least 50-60% of the questions on ATI test banks, then you will pass the NCLEX.

Can you fail NCLEX with minimum questions? ›

To pass the NCLEX RN or PN, test takers must correctly answer at least 75 questions (the minimum amount). Unfortunately, that means you can also fail the exam within those 75 questions or items.

Can foreigners take NCLEX exam? ›

To begin applying for the NCLEX as a foreign-educated nurse, you must be able to meet the following general requirements: Submit the complete State BON application. Pay all fees associated with the application. Complete a criminal history report/background check.

Which state does not need Cgfns? ›

California. California does not require CGFNS certification or require the foreign educated nurse applicant to pass the CGFNS qualifying exam.

How many hours a day should I study for NCLEX? ›

The amount of time that you choose to schedule in your NCLEX study plan can be highly subjective from person to person — but on average, it is recommended that a nursing student aims to study at least 3-5 hours a day (excluding days off) while they prepare for the exam.

Does South Carolina offer reciprocity? ›

The minimum age to obtain a CWP is 21 years old. In terms of reciprocity, South Carolina honors resident permits from states that recognize South Carolina permits, provided that the reciprocal state requires an applicant to successfully pass a criminal background check and a course in firearm training and safety.

How do I transfer my RN license to another state? ›

Once you've passed the NCLEX exam, getting your license in another state can be done in two easy steps: Pass the NCLEX exam (if not yet completed). Apply for Licensure by Endorsement on your new BON state website. Pay the applicable fees associated with the transfer.

How do I become an RN in South Carolina? ›

How do I get my nursing license in South Carolina? To obtain licensure in South Carolina, you must graduate nursing school with an ADN or a BSN degree, pass the NCLEX-RN exam, submit verification of your identity and eligibility to work in the U.S., and pass a criminal background check.

Is South Carolina Good for nurses? ›

With thousands of nursing jobs and some of the best nursing schools in the region, South Carolina is an excellent place for nurses to earn a degree and start a career.

What states Can I work in with a South Carolina nursing license? ›

To review each state's qualifications and requirements for licensing, select the appropriate state. South Carolina is a Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) state. If you are licensed in this state you are eligible to practice nursing in all NLC states with your license. South Carolina is a walk-through state.

Which states have reciprocity with South Carolina? ›

States that offer reciprocity to South Carolina concealed weapon permit are: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Is South Carolina part of the nursing compact state? ›


South Carolina is a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). The NLC allows a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse licensed in a Compact state to practice across state lines in another Compact state without having to obtain a license in the other state.

Is North Carolina a compact nursing State? ›

Yes. Nurses who practice nursing in North Carolina but live in a Non-Compact State must continue to hold a license issued by the North Carolina Board of Nursing. The Nurse Licensure Compact will not change how they obtain/renew their North Carolina license.

Can you have two active nursing licenses? ›

The NLC license is only active as a compact license if your primary residence is the state it is from. If you move to another state, the compact license switches to a single state license. But, overall you can have many nursing licenses.

Do nursing licenses transfer countries? ›

Your RN license in the US does not automatically transfer to another country. You will need to meet requirements for licensure in the new country based on established regulations set forth by the new country's regulatory nursing board (or BON as we call it here).

How much does an RN make an hour in SC? ›

Registered nurses in South Carolina earn an average of $69,580 per year (or $33.45 per hour). South Carolina registered nurses earn 15% lower than the national average salary for RNs, at $82,750 (or $39.78 per hour).

How much do rn make in SC? ›

Average RN Salaries in South Carolina

Over 46,000 registered nurses work in South Carolina earning an average annual salary of $69,590 that amounts to an average weekly wage of $33.45. RN salaries in the state range from $47,860 for the lowest 10th percentile to $86,820 and above for individuals in the 90th percentile.

What state needs rn the most? ›

Which states have the highest need for nurses?
  • California (274,650)
  • Texas (207,810)
  • New York (180,730)
  • Florida (174,710)
  • Pennsylvania (139,480)

What state has the most shortage of nurses? ›

California has the worst nursing shortage in the United States. It's predicted that by 2030, California will be in need of over 44,000 nurses. Other states with major hospital staff shortages include New Mexico, Vermont, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Arizona.


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