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GPT-3 Lyrics Generator

GPT-3 is a lyrics generator that can create song lyrics in any genre. It uses a neural network to generate lyrics that rhyme and have the same metre as the input song. The lyrics are generated by a language model that has been trained on a large corpus of song lyrics.

GPT-3 can create lyrics for any song, including pop songs, rock songs, country songs, and hip-hop songs. It can also generate lyrics in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.

GPT-3 is not just a lyrics generator; it can also create melodies and chord progressions. It can even generate entire songs, including the lyrics, melody, and chords.

If you’re a songwriter, GPT-3 can be a valuable tool for getting ideas for songs. If you’re a singer, GPT-3 can help you create custom lyrics for any song. And if you’re a music producer, GPT-3 can generate entire songs for you to produce.

Rap Lyric Generator AI

AI Song Generator Online

creates AI song lyrics by using a recurrent neural network. The neural network is trained on a dataset of lyrics from a variety of songs. The lyrics are then randomly generated by the neural network.

To use the AI Song Generator Online, simply enter a song title and artist. The neural network will then generate lyrics based on the song title and artist.

Rap Lyrics Generator

A new AI tool can write rap lyrics by learning from a database of over 3 million existing songs. The AI, called TTW, is trained on a variety of different rap songs to learn the style and flow of the lyrics. Once it has learned the style, it can then generate new lyrics that sound like they could be from a real song.

The AI tool is still in its early stages, so the lyrics it generates are not always perfect. However, the developers say that it is getting better all the time. They are also working on adding more features, such as the ability to generate rhyming lyrics.

The TTW AI is just one example of the growing trend of using AI to generate music. There are now a number of AI tools that can create original songs in a variety of genres. As AI gets better at understanding and creating music, we can expect to see even more impressive and realistic music being created by machines.

generate rap lyrics and include these words:
father, mother, sister, brother

My father always told me to stay strong
My mother always told me to stay true to myself
My sister always told me to stay away from drugs
My brother always told me to stay in school

How to Write a Song with AI Generator? Best AI Lyrics Generator - AI Text Generator TTW (1)

generate rap lyrics and include these words:
father, mother, sister, brother

My father always told me to be a good man
And my mother always told me to be a good son
My sister always told me to be a good brother
And my brother always told me to be a good father

(Video) Ai Writer ✅ Write song lyrics "This bloody world around me..." with rhymes ✅ AI Writer | GPT-3 TTW

Now I am a father, and I have a son
I want him to be a good man, just like his father was
I want him to be a good son, just like his mother was
I want him to be a good brother, just like his sister was

I want him to be a good father, just like I am
I want him to have a daughter, and treat her like a queen
I want him to have a son, and treat him like a king

I want him to be a good father, just like his father was
I want him to be a good son, just like his mother was
I want him to be a good brother, just like his sister was

How to Write a Song with AI Generator? Best AI Lyrics Generator - AI Text Generator TTW (2)

AI Song Generator

With the AI song generator, you can create songs by simply inputting lyrics and a melody. The software will then generate a song based on your input, using artificial intelligence to choose the right chords and create a unique melody.

You can also select a genre for your song, and the AI song generator will create a song that fits that genre. Whether you want to create a pop song, a ballad, or something in between, the AI song generator can help you create a song that sounds just the way you want it to.

The AI song generator is a great tool for songwriters of all levels of experience. If you’re just starting out, it can help you get a feel for how to write a song. And if you’re a more experienced songwriter, it can be a great way to generate ideas for new songs.

Song Lyrics Generator From Title

Looking for a song lyrics generator from the title? We can help you with that! Our song lyrics generator from title is a simple and easy to use tool that can help you create great looking song lyrics for your next project. All you need to do is enter a title, and our generator will create unique song lyrics for you.

Check out these cool examples:


write a few verses with rhymes for a song about love

Once I loved a maiden fair
The love I had was rare
But now she is not here
And love is but a memory

I loved her with my heart and soul
I swore that I would never let her go
But now she is not here
And love is but a memory

I used to hold her in my arms
And kiss her soft and warm
But now she is not here
And love is but a memory


write a few verses with rhymes for a song about AI writer app

There’s an app for everything,
For every single task,
And now there’s one for writing,
So you don’t have to ask,

“How do I write a song?”
“What rhymes with this?”
Just open up the app,
And it will do the work.

It’s an AI writer app,
It knows just what to say,
So you can sit back and relax,
And enjoy the show,

(Video) Ai Writer ✅ Grammar Correction with AI Writer ✅ AI Text Generator | GPT-3 TTW

It’ll write a hit song,
Or a best-selling book,
Just tell it what you want,
And it will get to work.


write a few verses with rhymes for a song about hate

I wish I could just up and leave
Get away from all this pain
I’m surrounded by so much hate
I can’t stand it, it’s driving me insane

I can’t take it anymore
I just want to run away
Far away from all this hate
It’s eating me alive

I can’t escape it
It’s everywhere I go
It’s like a dark cloud
Following me around

I hate the way it makes me feel
I hate the way it controls my life
I hate the way it makes me hate
I hate the way it destroys my faith


write lyrics for a song about this bloody world around with rhymes

This bloody world around is full of misery and pain

All we ever do is complain

We’re always fighting and bickering

And it never seems to end

We’re just a bunch of animals

And this bloody world is our cage

We’re always tearing each other down

And we can’t seem to get along

We’re just a bunch of monsters

(Video) Ai Writer ✅ How to Translate Text to other languages ✅ AI Text Generator | GPT-3 TTW

And this bloody world is our home

It’s time to wake up and realize

That we’re all in this together

We need to start working together

If we’re ever going to make it out alive

This bloody world is full of hate

And it’s time for us to change

We need to start loving each other

If we’re ever going to make it

out of this bloody world alive

This bloody world around is so full of crime

You can’t walk the streets without feeling scared

There’s violence and hatred everywhere

And it seems like it’s never going to end

We’re just living in a world full of sin

There’s no hope for the future it seems

But we can’t give up, we have to keep fighting

For a better world, we have to keep trying

(Video) Generate images out of your favorite song lyrics with GPT-3 and Stable Diffusion

So don’t give up, and don’t give in

We can make a difference, we can change this bloody world around

This bloody world around is so full of pain

All we do is kill and maim

We’re just animals, barely human

And we’re tearing this world apart

We’re like locusts, devouring everything

We’re destroying all that’s good

And in the end, we’ll all be dead

And this world will be nothing but ashes

This bloody world around is such a mess

With all the fighting and the hate

It’s hard to find a place that’s safe and sound

And sometimes it feels like we’re all going to drown

In all the blood that’s been shed

But we can’t give up, we have to keep fighting

For a world that’s worth saving

And someday, somehow, we’ll make it through

(Video) Ex-Amazon Engineer Uses OpenAI's GPT-3 API to Generate Lyrics Based on Life Events

This bloody world around us


How can I write my own song? ›

Here's our simple step-by-step for how to write a song:
  1. Choose a title or decide on your song topic.
  2. Write a hook/chorus on your main instrument.
  3. Choose a song structure.
  4. Write the verses.
  5. Write a bridge (if you want one) and consider modulating, or a breakdown.
  6. Write lyrics.
  7. Record a demo version.
May 31, 2022

Can an AI make a song? ›

AI-generated music has a long history dating back decades; there are systems that have been credited with composing pop songs, copying Bach better than a human could in the 90s, and accompanying live performances.

Is there a music generator? ›

Topping our list of best AI music generators is Amper Music, which is one of the easiest AI music generators to use, making it a perfect choice for those looking to get started with AI-generated music.

How to write good songs? ›

Find out how to write a song from the best in the biz
  1. Where to start writing your song. ...
  2. Lyrics matter. ...
  3. Record any spur of the moment inspiration. ...
  4. Write from experience. ...
  5. Collaborate with other musicians. ...
  6. Keep it simple and build on it. ...
  7. Make sure to take breaks. ...
  8. Don't overthink it.
May 25, 2018

Can I sell a song I wrote? ›

Songwriters rarely “sell” their songs. When you make a deal with a publisher, record label, or artist to record your song, it's usually in the form of a contract or license. Sometimes a publisher will use the words “work for hire.” This means that they will own your song copyright.

Is writing a song hard? ›

Songwriting is difficult due to the number of musical and lyrical elements that must first be created, then combined into one cohesive whole. It can also be difficult to find the inspiration to begin the songwriting process, something which is almost impossible to force.

Is transcribing music illegal? ›

Want to simplify some music for your beginning chorus or transcribe a piano piece for flute? Arranging a copyrighted musical work requires the permission of the copyright owner.

Will AI replace song writers? ›

AI will not replace musicians in transmitting sensory experiences through music, but it could become increasingly essential for musicians — and all those participating in the current music industry — to understand and leverage it.

Can I build my own AI? ›

To make an AI, you need to identify the problem you're trying to solve, collect the right data, create algorithms, train the AI model, choose the right platform, pick a programming language, and, finally, deploy and monitor the operation of your AI system.

What app do Tiktokers use to make music? ›

Videoshop is a TikTok video editing app available for both Android and iOS devices. You can use Videoshop to add music, subtitles, and sound effects to your TikTok videos, as well as adjust video speed.

What AI app makes music? ›

AI music generators sounds challenging for a lot of people who are creative.
12 Apps and Tools To Make Music With Artificial Intelligence
  • MusicLM – Google's Text to Music Generator. ...
  • ...
  • Amper Music. ...
  • AIVA. ...
  • Ecrett Music. ...
  • Humtap. ...
  • Amadeus Code. ...
  • Computoser.

Will AI take over music? ›

This occupation has been voted '33%' by our users to be fully automated within the next two decades. Our visitors have voted that there is a small chance this occupation will be replaced by robots/AI. This is further validated by the automation risk level we have generated, which suggests a 9% chance of automation.

Is it a talent to write songs? ›

Moreover, songwriting is considered an innate talent that some people are able to tap into. It is seen as a highly personal process of how someone interprets an idea or situation and harmoniously turns it into lyrics and melody that other people can relate to.

Is songwriting a gift or skill? ›

Songwriting Is A Learnable Skill

Songwriting is, in fact, a learnable skill.

Do songwriters get rich? ›

Songwriting Income Streams From Performances

On a big hit single, the performance money can easily be in the 6-7 figure range. So when asking the question “how do songwriters get paid?” this is often the most lucrative piece of the business pie.

Who legally owns a song? ›

- The songwriter is the initial owner of the song copyright. As copyright owner, the songwriter can sell, license or give the copyright to someone else. Copyright owners can even use song copyrights to secure loans. That is, as a form of collateral.

Do songwriters make millions? ›

These are collected and paid by Performing Rights Organizations (PROs). Performance royalties for huge hits receiving heavy radio play can earn $500M per year. Ringtones and ringbacks also generate performance royalties (but there's no set rate.) Not every songwriter performs, but many do.

Is writing a song easy? ›

But writing a good song is notoriously difficult. After all, professional songwriters spend their whole careers chasing success. But everyone has to start somewhere and you don't need to be a musical genius to write a good song.

Are song writers smart? ›

Songwriters have got to be among some of the smartest people on Earth. While some of these music creators make it seem easy, writing smart rhymes and combining mind-boggling metaphors does take some amount of brainpower. But there are a few in the profession who take being smart to another level.

Is being a songwriter easy? ›

The music industry is glamorous, but you have to work incredibly hard. Being a songwriter is kind of like being in college: There's a lot of partying, sure, but there's also a lot of studying too, to learn how to make a good song.

How do Beginners start songwriting? ›

Some tips for beginners who want to start songwriting:
  1. Read. Check out articles and books from those in the music industry and well-known musicians who have years of experience with songwriting.
  2. Listen and Watch. ...
  3. Brainstorm. ...
  4. Jot Down Ideas. ...
  5. Piece It All Together. ...
  6. Sing Do these lyrics sound and feel right?
Feb 1, 2022

How to write a song with no experience? ›

Exercise: Simple Syllables
  1. Create a lyric using one headline from your list.
  2. Count the number of syllables in that lyric.
  3. Say the words several times out loud.
  4. Listen to the rhythmic pattern of the line.
  5. Write a new lyric from scratch that works well with the first lyric.

How can I write my first song? ›

5 Tips for Writing Your First Song
  1. 1) Start with an idea that is meaningful to you. You can write a song about almost anything. ...
  2. 2) Create an outline. ...
  3. 3) Just start writing something. ...
  4. 4) Keep the chords and melody simple. ...
  5. 5) Don't be afraid to rewrite.
Sep 16, 2019

How much money can a songwriter make per song? ›

Digital Download Mechanical Royalties

As a songwriter, you also receive mechanical royalties on digital downloads of a song. Like with the physical mechanical royalty, the digital download rate is 9.1 cents per song. You can expect to accrue these royalties through platforms like iTunes and Amazon.

Is songwriting a skill or a talent? ›

Songwriting Is A Learnable Skill

Songwriting is, in fact, a learnable skill.


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